2019 Contingency Program

2019 Red Dirt Shooting Sports

Contingency Program:

Win CASH for USPSA wins!!


1)  Email info@reddirtshootingsports.com the following:

          a)  Name

          b)  USPSA Number

          c)  Phone Number 

2)  We respond with our logo files. 

3)  Put logo on your jersey.

          a)  Logo must be at least equal in size to largest logo. 

4)  Shoot Level II or higher matches.

5)  Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your Division. 

6)  Tag Red Dirt Shooting Sports in your videos/pictures. 

7)  GET PAID!!


Division Winner Payout:

 Level I:

Come on seriously?

 Level II with Minimum of 25 Competitors in Division:

          1St Place: $200.00

          2nd Place: $100.00

          3rd Place: $50.00

 Level III:

          1st Place: $500.00

          2nd Place: $400.00

          3rd Place: $300.00


As Red Dirt Shooting Sports grows we are committed to increasing the prize money. We believe its about time your hard work and effort gets more than a BS discount on gear!