Sean Hynds

Uvalde, Texas

Sean is the founder of Red Dirt Shooting Sports and has a diverse background in shooting. He has over eleven years of federal law enforcement experience that includes six years as a firearms instructor. During his free time, Sean is an avid United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) participant and has achieved "Master Class" ranking in the Single Stack Division and "A Class" ranking in the Limited Division.

Sean, his wife Morgan, and their two children call the famed Red Dirt of South Texas their home.

Recent Shooting Accomplishments:

2017 Area 59 Championship - 1st Place Single Stack and High Overall Law Enforcement

2018 River City Shootout - 1st Place Single Stack

2018 LSI Texas State Open Championship - 1st Place Single Stack




Tony Carr

Englewood, Colorado 

Originally from South Dakota, Tony is only in his second year of USPSA competition and is quickly rising as one of the top Open shooters in Colorado. Keeping busy by day working as an International Development Manager for the Americas in the reproductive genetics field, Tony still finds time to shoot a match almost weekly. 

You can find Tony on the range with fellow Red Dirt Shooting Sports shooter Matt Gallant.

Recent Shooting Accomplishments:

2018 Colorado State Championship - 1st Place A Class Open

2018 Rocky Mountain 300 - 1st Place A Class Open

2018 High Desert Classic - Open Division Champion and 1st Place A Class Open





Thom Powers

Camden, South Carolina

Thom’s background consists of a lifetime of hunting and his service on the Army as an Officer in the Airborne Infantry. Starting USPSA competition in April of 2017, Thom quickly rose to the rank of Master Class in Limited Division and shortly after, achieved Grand Master Classification in the Pistol Caliber Carbine Division. While still relatively new to the world of competitive shooting, he has big goals in the near future. Thom competes in and around the state of South Carolina and you can find him at the range every weekend (or on Instagram @shootypie).

Recent Shooting Accomplishments:

2018 Cowtown Classic – High Overall, PCC Division

2018 John Wick Double Tap Championship – High Overall, PCC Division

2019 Florida Open – 2ndPlace Overall, PCC Division





Matt Gallant 

Parker, Colorado 

Moving from Florida near the end of 2017, Matt quickly began competing in the local Eastern Colorado USPSA matches. In his first year competing he was able to achieve “A Class” in Limited Division, as well as “Master Class” in PCC Division. His day job has him behind a computer, but with that comes flexibility to be active in the local shooting sports scene.