Welcome to Red Dirt Shooting Sports!​

Welcome to Red Dirt Shooting Sports!​

Posted by Sean Hynds on Jan 22nd 2018

As a full time employee of the United States Government, currently in the middle of a shutdown, I write this without exactly knowing when my next pay check will come. My immediate next thought is, this is exactly the reason I created Red Dirt Shooting Sports!

My name is Sean Hynds and unlike most "Tommy Tacticals" out there I was not raised with a gun in my hand. It was not until my mid 20s that I received my first firearms training while attending the United States Border Patrol Academy. The training was adequate and I walked away with the only pistol advice ever needed: "KEEP STARING AT THE FRONT SIGHT AND QUIT SLAMMING THE TRIGGER!" (insert eye roll here).

Fast forward a couple of years and a heck of a lot of arrests later, I started to get selected for more advanced training opportunities.  When attending these trainings, I was always impressed with the firearms knowledge the instructors possessed.  I managed to start qualifying with my pistol as an "Expert Shooter" and even successfully completed the US Border Patrol's Firearms Instructor Training Program. So how did I go from an average shooter to a Firearms Instructor for a federal law enforcement agency? Thousands and thousands of rounds sent down range at a static target from a static position. At the time, we were lucky enough to have the resources for this type of training, but looking back I realize we were training harder and not smarter.    

My pistol craft took a huge leap forward after I attended my first United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) event in April of 2015. I wore my duty rig (H&K P2000) and shot duty ammo. Now remember, I was certified by the US Border Patrol to teach other Border Patrol Agents how to shoot a pistol and I got smoked at my first match! I believe I finished somewhere near the bottom in-between the revolver shooters and the gentlemen that were my grandparent's age. How could this be? I was a top shooter at my station but I looked completely lost and was painfully slow. I was in absolute amazement of the speed and accuracy the top shooters displayed, and I was hooked...