DAA Aluminum +5 base pads for Magpul AR15

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DAA Aluminum +5 base pads for Magpul AR15

The DAA Aluminum +5 base pads for AR15 PMAG Gen3 is a practical and durable base pads, CNC machines from billet aluminum, which will increase the capacity of your 30 round PMAGs to 35 rounds.

The 5 rounds are added with just an additional of 16mm (0.7”) or so in tube length, making the magazine still suitable for Prone shooting.

Rugged aluminum construction with side serrations make the base pads comfortable to hold during reloads. The additional weight added to the tube helps the magazine clear the gun faster during speed reloads.

Reverse compatible with GEN2 PMAGS Holds 35+1 rounds on a PMAG30 Holds 46+1 rounds on a PMAG40