Double Alpha Academy (DAA) Racer Holster - Magnetic

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Double Alpha Academy (DAA) Racer Holster - Magnetic

The DAA Racer Holster is designed as a gun-specific holster, utilizing the same magnetic insert block as in its more expensive brother, the Race Master Holster, but in a fixed holster design that is not interchangeable as with the aluminum framed DAA Race Master.

At the core of the DAA Racer Holster is the innovative patent pending mechanism that makes the Race Master stand above the rest of the competition. But what the Race Master achieves with interchangeable Delrin inserts inside an aluminum housing, the Racer does with no housing at all. It provides the same peak-performance driven results, without the high costs of machining.

Where other manufactures go to plastic to reduce costs - DAA did not. They believe that one of the most important features in a competition holster is the ability to adjust position it just right way the user wants.  It is important to also be able to lock the holster in place once the perfect fit is found in a stable solid position on the shooting belt.

The DAA Racer holster holds the pistol in place by its trigger guard only, in the same steady and secure manner as the DAA Race Master does.  It also utilizes the same spring loaded safety locking lever, that is conveniently positioned in the rear of the holster, where it can be easily and swiftly accessed / released on the draw.  This is one of the easiest, smoothest, and fastest releasing locking lever in the industry.
DAA redesigned the hanger to reduce costs, while retaining an aluminum structure.  It utilizes the same ball-joint design as the Race Master.

The belt hanger is a result of the successful Race Master design, while made slightly narrower and lighter. The now familiar minimalist steel locking plates on the inside, allow the user to maintain good contact between the inner and outer shooting belt.

The Racer holster is shipped with a detachable thigh pad, which pivots within a range of about 40 degrees, molding itself to the shooters thigh, reducing movement of the holster and while increasing comfort.
The entire holster weighs in at just 230gr, making it the lightest race holster on the market!
While there is no interchangeable insert block available for the DAA Racer holster, a wide range of pistols are supported, which can be selected from the drop down menu selection during the checkout process.

Available in black body only, the Racer Holster comes with a splash of color and elegance added by the interchangeable laser-cut side plate, which is available in Black, Blue, Silver or Red colors.

Note: To use the optional muzzle support assembly on a DAA Racer holster, you would need to drill and tap an M8 thread into the body of the holster at the bottom.



Read the following instructions carefully before using this holster or Insert Block:

  • Never holster a loaded firearm without first engaging its safety.
  • Check periodically to ensure your safety is functioning correctly.
  • Never disengage the safety of the firearm until well clear of the holster and the muzzle is pointing down range.
  • Make sure you are fully familiar with the correct use, and adjustment of your DAA Holster before attempting to use it with a loaded firearm.
  • Make sure that you have the correct holster/Insert model for your type of firearm.
  • Do not use a holster that is unsuited to your firearm, as that could result in unreliable retention or release which could lead to a fatal accident.
  • Never use a trigger shoe or a widened trigger with this holster.
  • Double check that the retention and release work well, particularly if any modifications have been made to your firearm.
  • Care must be taken to ensure the gun is placed properly when returned to the holster. It if it is not positioned correctly, it will not be held securely and may fall out.
  • Never holster the gun quickly or with force, as that increases the chance of making contact with the trigger.
  • Any adjustment or modification to the holster design may render it unsafe or cause malfunction.
  • Take care that the firearm is not dislodged or knocked when holstered, particularly when the holster’s safety lever is unlocked. As this holster has no muzzle support, take care that the muzzle of the gun is not bumped upwards, as this may dislodge the gun from the holster
  • Keep your fingers well clear of the trigger when holstering and drawing the firearm.
  • The holster should be locked when running or jumping with a holstered gun, or you should keep your hand on the gun’s grip to prevent it accidentally falling.
  • Handling a loaded firearm, and drawing it from a holster is inherently dangerous. You do so entirely at your own risk and responsibility.  
  • Liability is limited only to the replacement of this holster or parts thereof. No additional warranties are expressed or implied by the manufacturer or the distributors.

*The block grips the pistol only on the front end of the trigger guard, and a very precise fit is required in that area. In some cases some light modifications to the block may be required.